Nothing should substitute a doctor’s care. If you have frequent, prolonged migraines, it is important to consult a medical professional to ensure that you do not have a more serious condition. But, for the occasional migraine headache, over the counter medicines will not always work. So if you feel a migraine coming on, or if you or a loved one are in the throws of a migraine, consider these 5 natural remedies.

  1. Exercise – This falls more in the preventive category than the curing category, however, regular exercise has been proven through studies to help reduce and prevent migraines. And isn’t it better to never have a migraine than to try to fight it? But even if a migraine is already coming on, aerobic exercise can help reduce the severity of the migraine.
  1. Feverfew – This natural herb can help prevent the frequency of migraines, their intensity, and how long they last. This plant can be eaten raw or steeped in tea. This herb helps by releasing parthenolide, a chemical which is used to help with pain, headaches, and inflammation. This can be taken regularly to help prevent migraines or can be taken when you feel a migraine coming on to help reduce the severity.
  1. Lavender Oil – A common scent in hygiene products, lavender can actually help reduce the severity of a migraine. Be