3 Types of People who Should Never Work From Home

Whether you are self-employed and thinking of making the jump to a home office or you run a company and are thinking of allowing employees to telecommute, here are three types of people who should never work from home. So if you are one of them, or if you employ people who fit these molds, you might be better served by paying for a formal office space. The added costs just might save the company.

  1. Hyper-Social Individuals – If you need to constantly be talking to someone, interacting with people, or just be around others, then you probably should not work from home. It can be lonely without the daily water-cooler conversations and pointless meetings. Without a reason to leave the house, it can also lead to days without human contact, which can be hard for these types of people. Working from home isn’t worth going into a depression.


  1. Highly Distractible Individuals – If you have trouble staying on a task, you may not want to work from home. Being distractible is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. When controlled, it is simply multi-tasking. But if you need something to keep you focused on the job at hand, working from home might lead to your company failing. There will be endless distractions at home that will pull you away from work and if you can’t force yourself to ignore them, you will never get anything meaningful done.


  1. Workaholics – If you can’t stop working until someone forces you out of the office at night, then working from home could literally be a death sentence. There are no hours, no constraints, and nothing stopping you from working all day and all night. If you have trouble stopping at the end of the day or always feel a need to start earlier, you could work yourself to death. A 40-hour workweek can quickly turn into a 70 or 80-hour workweek when you start working from home full-time if you can’t control yourself.

Working from home is a wonderful benefit of self-employment, and a great perk to offer employees. But for some people, like those mentioned above, working from home can be the same as a pink slip. So before making the choice to work from home or let others work from home, be sure you think about what that will truly entail and if you or your staff can handle it.

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