A Parable Of Basic Gardening

cherry-167361_1920There are is an abundant amount of young fruit trees in our back yard, unfortunately bearing no fruit. Our latest tree which was planted was a cherry tree which was promised to bring forth wonderful fruit by the young man which sold us the young twigs. Needless to say, we were very excited as we waited for the cherries to show themselves. As you can imagine when the budding began and shortly thereafter the fruit began to fall off we were devastated. As I draw the similarities

As I draw the similarities of our cherry tree to the fig tree not bearing any fruit for our Master. The purpose of this cherry tree is to bear fruit and not only was this tree not bearing fruit it was not living up to its purpose and in addition, it was taking up valuable space in our yard.

This is a parable which has been read many times with the same conclusion. Up until this morning, I saw the same perspective over and over again. today was a different story, the gardening perspective.

As we see in the verse the gardener had shown his concern for the precious tree which he pled for the owner to spare it.  You could say, He interceded for his tree.

He was not ready to give up hope in the tree’s ability to bear fruit, when we reflect back 3 years with not fruit seem’s an insurmountable time with no fruit. a rather long time to wait I would say.  The gardener was still willing to put the time and effort into looking after the tree although there were no visible signs of any fruit, this can be a very frustrating and daunting task indeed.

What has been impressed on me is we all need to be as gardeners when dealing with unfruitful individuals, are we keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, do we bring them before the throne and plead for insight into their unfruitful behavior? Do we do this with a sense of urgency, with an expectation of being answered?

As a believer, we can never lose hope that our vines will bear fruit, we must continue to look after them with the anticipation that they will fulfill their intended purpose of bearing much fruit.

As I look back on the past year from my kitchen after several hours of baking with the kids, if it wasn’t for the fact of continuing to make the small corrections to the vines, limbs, roots and dirt we would not be able to enjoy such a wonderful piece of cherry pie. It’s the small corrections which matters, never give up!

Special credit to, Susan Sikes


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