Surprise Box Of Homemade Canned Goodies

tumblr_lxamdksXzZ1qb2r6vo1_500In reviewing some of the older posts from The Kitchen & The Garden Patch I came across this one which brought back wonderful memories. It was sent by the mother of the original poster to this site which included: Apple Butter, Applesauce, Pickles, Tomato Sauce, and Strawberry Jam.

As mentioned in the original post it brought back memories of them sitting around the table with the family preparing all types of fruits, vegetables, and sauces for canning. It seemed like they had quite an assembly line going during this time, with mom washing and cleaning the jars and lids getting them ready for canning along with preparing the spices. Mom would always be referring to the handwritten pieces of aging paper which had garnered their fare share of unintentional stains over the years.

According to our original poster, the kids would sit along the counter, again in assembly line fashion, helping dad cut and prepare the fruit and vegetables from their garden. The fun part, at least to my dad, was handing us pieces of the freshly cut produce to taste, because in his eyes ours was the most delicious fruit and vegetables he had ever eaten!

What a memory.  At the time I didn’t really appreciate the experience of growing and harvesting our own produce, which we grew in our own back yard. As the original writer reflects: “She treasures each and everyone of these jars, not wanting to open them in fear of not having them anymore”. No, it’s not silly as she writes, I totally get it!

In talking to my friend Rick at he has similar memories while growing up which led him to start his own catering business. Much of what he prepares is memories and recipes from mom, dad and relatives which he as retained over the years. Rick recently catered a large event in Ann Arbor Michigan which he brought samples of the apple butter and tomato sauce which he canned based on the recipe and process he learned from his mother and grandmother, considering the response he received he will be canning in larger quantities next year!

Boy what wonderful memories she has.  I truly envy such a wonderful experience!

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