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Gardening and home cooking offers lots of health and therapeutic benefits besides physical and emotional satisfaction for those who enjoy it.

Growing your own natural foods and watching them blossom into fruits and vegetables can enhance your well-being is a very satisfying wholesome experience. Families, people with disabilities, children, seniors and individuals with special dietary needs will find gardening and cooking to be a rewarding way to spend time as they tend to plants and grow their own food as my good friend Julie at sterlingheightsphotobooth.com has found. During the day she has a great job she thoroughly enjoys and then retreats in the late afternoon/early evening to her small garden which looks like something you would see on HG TV. Julie finds this to be a great way to relax and raise healthy food which she knows is pesticide free. She has created quit a stir at work by bringing in some of the vegetables she has grown, folks are now standing in line hoping to get a small bag of her fresh work!

Whether it is your first attempt at a gardening project or are a passionate gardener looking to gain more knowledge and tips here and there, you have come to the right place. With all the hullabaloo of genetically modified foods and the effects of processed foods in the human body, we advocate for everyone to at least take a shot at starting a small edible garden with a few containers and pots—or in the least with a window box suitable for a few cuttings and herbs.

The blog provides the tips, guides, news, reviews and general information in several categories including:


Have you ever been out shopping for cookware and got struck with the indecision on whether to buy a pot made of stainless steel or an anodized pan? Well, we all find ourselves in such situation every now and then. This blog covers the important factors such as the pros and cons of different cookware materials, their suitability, the popular brands, and how each materials work. Bookmark this blog to get regular reads on how to take care of your cookware to extend their life, how to clean them, which cleaning agents to use, and know to tell the facts from fiction when it comes to popular conspiracies surrounding cookware such as non-stick technology.


When the spring breaks and the last gasp of cold snaps, you will truly experience the beauty of nature when your garden flowers begin to flower in full bloom and your garden vegetables edibles—peas, asparagus, you name them—unfold their leaves to welcome the sun.

Even if you live in an urban apartment with tight outdoor space, we can help you bring out the agriculturalist in you with simple but effective gardening techniques. This blog will introduce the concept of gardening and link you with other enthusiasts who are already reaping the benefits of growing their own foods. When you embrace the art, you will be sowing vegetables and herbs from seeds and getting harvests sufficient to keep your family healthy and smiling.


Canning, a technique of preserving foods by processing and keeping them in an airtight container, goes hand-in-hand with gardening.

When you successfully harvest your fruits and vegetables from your small garden, you will learn the amazing canning techniques you need to preserve the fruits (and vegetables) of your work to consume at a later date. There are many techniques of canning, each unique to the type of food and specific circumstances.

This blog covers the essentials of storing your food to effectively keep it fresh and edible for as long as necessary. Canning is an important skill that everyone should learn today and we are offering to teach it to you at no charge.


Amateur foodies to experienced gardeners often get lost jumping from one “food porn” site to another trying to find the best recipes to turn their fresh produce into delicious foods.

We are here to hook you up with the best and highly rated recipes and cooking tips you need not only to make your food delicious but also customize the taste to meet your specific preferences.

Cooking is an art that no one ever really masters, but with the right guidance and support group, it is possible to make every cooking experience a fun and memorable process. Our recipes and cooking tips cover a wide range of healthy foods—from the ones you grow in your garden to the groceries you buy at the convenience store.


Have you ever come across a kitchen counter arrangement idea that made you go: “Wow!  Why didn’t I ever think of that?”  Well, it is because you did not follow a holistic kitchen transformation and cooking blog like ours.

We understand that the smallest kitchen tips often make the greatest impact, and they best come when you are not looking for it. Whether you want ideas on remodeling the kitchen or installing a new cooker or want a few ideas to simplify the kitchen and free more space, this blog will address it. We all want to be smarter in the kitchen and we can be when we share ideas and kitchen tips.

This blog covers the most essential components of healthy eating at home and strives to help ordinary people grow their own foodstuffs and easily extract nutrients and life’s essential ingredients from them.

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